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6567 Customer Reviews

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Trtl Travel Pillow Grey
Rated 4.6 out of 5
6688 Reviews From Amazon

Trtl Travel Pillow Grey
Rated 4.6 out of 5
6688 Reviews From Amazon

Trtl Travel Pillow(タートル旅行用枕)頭と首のサポートを備えた、最もよく売れてい科学的に証明された旅行用首枕

  • 調節可能な留め具付きの科学的に証明されている首のサポート

  • U型の旅行用枕の半分のサイズで重さ約200グラム

  • 洗濯可能なとても柔らかいフリース



Trtl Travel Pillow(タートル旅行用枕)頭と首のサポートを備えた、最もよく売れてい科学的に証明された旅行用首枕

  • 調節可能な留め具付きの科学的に証明されている首のサポート

  • U型の旅行用枕の半分のサイズで重さ約200グラム

  • 洗濯可能なとても柔らかいフリース




Trtl Pillow(タートル枕)はわずか約200グラムでU型旅行用枕の半分のサイズ。




Trtl Pillow(タートル枕)セット

グレーのTrtl Pillow 2つセット

Trtl Pillow(タートル枕)セット

2つセット:サンゴ色と黒のTrtl Pillows

Trtl Pillow Plus


Trtl Travel Pillow(タートル旅行用枕)の秘訣はとても柔らかいフリースに隠されている内部サポート構造です。

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これらの全てが一体となって、お客様に移動中の最高の眠りをお届けします。Trtl Pillow(タートル枕)は往来の旅行用枕より、人間工学的に優れた位置で頭と首を保持することが科学的に証明されています。

Trtl Pillow(タートル枕)は様々な方法で着用できます。心地よい睡眠のためには、お客様の首のどちらか側面もしくは前面に設置してください。


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"Mechanically Engineered to offer the best head and neck support while sitting in a cramped space"

"This travel pillow may be the end of your sleepless airplane flights"

"The Trtl is far more comfortable because you can adjust it to support your neck in any position."

"A travel pillow to ensure you doze off on your transatlantic flight WITHOUT waking up with a massive mount of neck pain."

"Plane sleepers will appreciate this soft, warm, and sneaky scarf. It hides a panel which props your head so you don't awake with a sore neck."

Discover Our World-Famous Neck Pillow

With your Trtl Pillow you can enjoy the journey before you reach your destination.

Our neck pillow revolutionises the way that you sleep when you travel and means that you never have to lean against the window again!

If you’re tired of uncomfortable, sleepless travel then you have come to the right place.

Made With You In Mind

The Trtl Pillow was designed for global travellers. Whether you're travelling for business, for a family vacation or backpacking to see the globe, this is the travel pillow for you.

Planes, trains and automobiles just became more comfortable. Choose comfort, choose our specially engineered neck pillow.

Why Choose Our Scientifically Designed Neck Pillow?

The Trtl neck pillow combines super soft, hypoallergenic fleece with hidden internal neck support to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping.

Our neck pillow has been scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow and has been strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.

This means that you will never need to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position again.

Make The Most Of Your Journey

Grab your Trtl Pillow before you go, then wrap and nap whenever you get a moment. We guarantee your best sleep on the move when you buy our travel pillow.

Join our Feel Good Travel Facebook Group here where you can share travel and sleep tips, destinations and much more!


  • How do I wear Trtl Pillow?
    • 1. Separate the velcro and extend your Trtl Pillow

      2. Position Trtl Pillow internal support wherever is most comfortable - either side or under your chin

      3. Wrap and Nap! Wrapping tighter will give you more support

  • What do you mean by Scientifically Proven?
    • The Trtl Pillow was independently tested by the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at the University of Dundee.

      This project, headed by Professor Rami Abboud, Head of Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery / Director of Institute of Motion Analysis and Research at the University of Dundee, undertook a detailed head-to-head study between Trtl Pillow and a traditional top-of-the-range u-shaped travel pillow to examine scientifically the benefits of this new concept using motion analysis to measure the effects of the head and neck posture over a period of time on healthy subjects.

      Trtl Pillow was tested in a simulated aircraft seating environment constructed within IMAR’s laboratory and provided scientific proof that it keeps your head in a better position for sleeping upright. 9/10 of participants chose the Trtl Pillow over the traditional memory foam u-shaped travel pillow.

      More information can be read on The Innovation Portal online.

  • How does Trtl Pillow work?
    • Due to its symmetry, the Internal Support system is extremely adaptable and can be worn anywhere across the front of the neck - either side or under the chin.

      The pocket stretches between the two limbs to fit any shape of face, jaw, and shoulder.

      The gap between the bands across the middle allows for cushioned but firm support, holding your head in a neutral position. Strengthening ribs prevent too much movement but still allow for some bending to let it fit flat against the shoulder or face, eliminating any pressure points.

  • Do you ship the Trtl Pillow internationally?
    • Simply choose your country to see pricing in your local currency and stock availability in our closest warehouse.
  • Is there only one size, and is it available for children?
    • There is only one size of the Trtl Pillow, it is made to fit all different shapes and sizes and support your neck to enhance your sleeping experience when you are on the go! The minimum age suitable for the product is 14 years and over. If you feel you have any issues or further questions on this then please just ask us at hello@trtl.co.uk.
  • What happens if I have a problem?
    • If you have any problems, either buying directly from Trtl or from a third party, simply email us at hello@trtltravel.com and we’ll happily sort out your issue as quickly as possible.
  • Can I wash the product?
    • Yes indeed you actually can! We recommend to remove the plastic insert and you can then wash your Trtl Pillow on a 30° cool wash. Full instructions are on the care label within the product.
  • What is it made from?
    • The Trtl Pillow is made with hypoallergenic lightweight fleece. There is also a plastic insert inside the scarf pocket which is moulded into a shape to help support your neck for optimal sleeping and guaranteed zzz’s.
  • Why is it better than my current u-shaped travel pillow?
    • It is a lightweight, well designed travel pillow with a twist, it actually looks good! It is more comfortable and more supportive than any other travel pillow in the world! It is available in 4 different colours to complement your style.

      The technological support inside is used to support your neck to help you sleep up to 8 hours in an upright position when you are travelling.

      It also packs up nice and small - which is ideal for travelling! This all equals happy napping and being part of a new Trtl Pillow revolution!

  • How small does it pack to?
    • It packs super small and weighs under half a pound! You can also see how to pack your Trtl Pillow easily in this video here.



6567 Customer Reviews

Free Delivery

6567 Customer Reviews

Free Delivery