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Do I need to take out Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is the number one essential of any trip abroad, it offers every traveller safety in several different ways, whether you need medical, financial or legal support. 
Travel insurance costs very little for the basic package will cover all the essentials, there is also more extensive coverage that can be offered to those who might require it, i.e. if you’re taking part in a sport and are more likely to get injured.
Here’s a look at the vital reasons for taking out travel insurance.


Starting with the most trivial of reasons, but still a significant benefit, a lot of insurance plans cover your costs if you need to cancel your travel plans. They will need to be a good reason for the cancelation, i.e. you or someone in your travelling party is unwell, an event your attending is cancelled or an alternative emergency that could stop you from going. You usually would forfeit the money you have spent on your travel, but if you opt-in for an insurance plan with this level of protection, a partial or full refund will be granted.

Financial Security

A lot of your trust goes into other people when travelling abroad, hotels and airports look after your baggage, and if it was to go missing at any point, it could leave you in a bad position. An insurance plan will cover the loss, theft or damage of your property if anything were to happen which is out of your control.

Being the victim of a pickpocket is also covered too, something that at times, is unavoidable. If it's something you need while on the trip, like your luggage, you would likely need to spend your money on replacing the essentials and once you return home, the insurance company will reimburse you.

Medical Expenses

You can’t predict your health during any time away from home, and if you become unwell enough for a hospital visit or get injured in some way, your medical expenses will be covered.

In the UK, the NHS provides free medical care, but in other countries, this might not be the case, which means you could be hit with an outrageous bill for looking after you during your time of need.

Legal Expenses

This is something that is likely to be avoided by most, but if you ever ran into trouble in a foreign country, your insurance plan will give you the financial backing to pay for any legal expenses.

Being in another country can have a lot of unexpected laws and guidelines in place that you might not be aware of, if something that is acceptable in the UK got you into legal trouble elsewhere, you can be assured that legal advice is available for you to get home safely without a financial burden.

All travel insurance plan with a break down of how much they pay out for each of these sections of coverage, and naturally, you can pay more for a more extensive level of cover. Travel insurance can be as little as £10 for a trip, and as you get more coverage the prices can be reduced or a more lucrative option will become available. It's also worth checking with your bank or credit card provider as you may have a travel plan included.



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